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Vineyard Mansion & Carriage House

An alternative Bed & Breakfast in St. Joseph, MO.


About Us


The History

The Vineyard Mansion was built in 1890 for B.R. Vineyard who was a prominent attorney in St. Joseph. This Romanesque Revival Style mansion was built by the famed Architectural firm of Eckel and Mann. Converted to apartments in the 1940's, this mansion has been meticulously restored back to its original single family use.


New Life

We are proud to offer the Carriage House apartment and 4 amazing suites in the Mansion. Even though we are continually doing restoration, the Vineyard Mansion is a unique alternative to hotel rooms. We offer the privacy and the comfort of a home away from home that is enveloped in the grandeur and elegance of the Gilded Age.


Until Then...

So if you are looking for that unique experience on your next visit to St. Joseph, and like to see a historic restoration, then the Vineyard Mansion is the place to be...we'll keep the light on for you!

What do you mean alternative Bed & Breakfast?

What sets us apart...


Unlike the typical Bed & Breakfast, what sets us apart is the mission to create a home away from home for our guests. As a guest, you will have a key to the front door and you can come and go as you please. You also have access to the common rooms on the first floor including the foyer, rear parlor, dining room and the kitchen. With kitchen access you can store your left overs in the refrigerator or if you want to make dinner or chocolate chip cookies go ahead...just make enough cookies for us too!

Breakfast is self-serve, so feel free to go to the kitchen any time you want, we do not have a set breakfast time. We stock breakfast items and coffee in the food pantry off the kitchen, please help yourself. We have yogurt, juices, eggs, cheese, almond milk, etc. in the refrigerator so please don’t be shy and help yourself. If you would like to make yourself a special breakfast by-all-means do so. 

We do not provide TV's in the bedrooms to be courteous to all guest who may be looking for some peace and quite. We do however have a TV in the rear parlor which you are welcome to kick your feet up, relax and watch a movie.  No matter how long you stay, we want you to feel at home.


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We would love for you to be our guest!

The Vineyard Mansion & Carriage House Bed & Breakfast and Executive Rentals in St. Joseph, MO, is a unique alternative to hotel rooms...a home away from home!

Vineyard Mansion & Carriage House

1125 Charles St, Saint Joseph, Missouri 64501

(818) 968-4706

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